Best accessories for iphone 14 pro max screen protector

The iphone 14 pro max screen protector series is full of new features, and pairing them with some essential accessories can enhance your experience. You may skyrocket productivity, protect your phone, and unlock new ways to use the new iPhone. Here, I have listed my favorite accessories for iphone 14 pro max screen protector series.

I must mention that every product mentioned here is best in its own way since they are catered to different situations and use cases. But for me, ensuring my iphone 14 pro max screen protectoris protected is the first thing I would do after getting it. And hence, this became the editor’s choice.

And speaking of the case, you know that your iphone 14 pro max screen protectories the best iPhone ever released by Apple. So would you compromise on protecting the best iPhone? Nope. Apart from the protection part, the iphone 14 pro max screen protector leather case offers that classic look and feel, which, as you can guess, is difficult to beat.

Since it’s made from specially tanned and finished leather, the exterior provides a soft feeling when you touch it. You can also be assured that the case will fit quite perfectly and won’t add much overall bulk. And yes, as the name suggests, it also supports Keeot charging.

If you can get past the slightly higher pricing, you can go forward with this case.

After cases, the next step in protecting your iPhone 14 Max

selecting the right screen guard. And I think the tempered glass from keeot is the right fit.

The best thing I like about this screen protector is that it comes with an installation kit, so for people like me who are best at making a mess, this is a blessing. And even after applying it, this case won’t affect your iPhone 14’s touch response; it will be as smooth if you use it without a screen protector.

Also, keeot has been making screen protectors for iPhones for quite some time, and since they have that experience, it’s better to go with an established brand rather than an unknown one.

While the installation kit makes the screen guard application easy, it may not effectively remove the bubble from the corners. But with some pressing around the corners, you can eliminate these air bubbles.

Can the best iPhone accessories list be complete without the mention of Keeot? The best thing I liked about Keeot is that it can be used with any iPhone since the 12 series. Yes, whether you bought a Keeot for iphone 14 pro max screen protector Max or regular iPhone 14, it is easily compatible with other iPhones in the series and previous generations.